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December 13, 2022

Why Waterproof K-Tape?

An athletic tape is an excellent tool for helping to support weak ankles and knees. It keeps joints in place and can help you prevent injury before it happens. But what exactly makes one brand of athletic tape better than another? 

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the  best athletic tape for your needs. Read on to learn about these key considerations when shopping for medical-grade elastic adhesive tape.


The first thing to consider while choosing waterproof tape is the adhesive. The adhesive must be strong enough to hold the tape in place and should not leave any residue on the surface after removal. It must not be too sticky and should not come off easily when removing it. 

When choosing a waterproof tape, you need to consider key factors like the amount of pressure and edge cleanliness. Hampton Adams Athletic Tape is made of cotton and adhesive material, which helps in providing you with proper cornering on all round surfaces.


Breathability is the ability of a material to allow air to pass through it. This means that breathable athletic tape will help keep the skin dry and your body cool during high-intensity activity. Breathable athletic tape can be used for more than just taping ankles or knees. You can also use it for taping elbows, wrists, fingers, hands, and even ankles.

Athletes often sweat heavily during physical activity. This excess moisture can irritate uncovered skin when exposed to sun or high temperatures (especially if you have sensitive skin). Breathable athletic tape will help prevent this by allowing air movement underneath itself so that sweat does not build up in one area before evaporating elsewhere on your body so you can stay comfortable while performing under pressure!


Elasticity is a crucial factor to consider when choosing waterproof tape. This is because elasticity is the ability of the tape to return to its original shape after being stretched or twisted. Elasticity is essential for comfort and support because if you use an elastic bandage that doesn't return properly to its original form, it won't provide you with proper support. It's also crucial for breathability because air cannot pass through easily if there are too many wrinkles in your fabric. 

Hampton Adams Athletic Tape is a medical-grade tape that is hypoallergenic, latex-free, breathable, and absorbent, preventing skin irritation, chafing, or blisters. In addition, the cotton material makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods.


Porosity is the ability of a material to allow water vapor to pass through it. It's measured in percentage and is vital for athletic tape because it will enable the skin to breathe.

If you're using athletic tape on your feet or hands, you'll want to ensure that your chosen tape has good porosity. This will ensure that moisture can escape and air can enter your skin as needed, which helps prevent irritation and inflammation.


It is important to note that cushions are not only meant for comfort but also for protection. Cushioning can prevent injury and reduce pain. If you were to use tape without cushioning, it could cause damage to your skin if removed too quickly. The tape must be able to support the weight of your body without causing discomfort or injury so that when you pull it off, there won't be any pain involved.

Hampton Adams  Athletic Tape is a one-of-a-kind tape that offers superior adhesion and high elasticity. This makes it the ideal product for athletic use. It can be used for knee and elbow support and keeping your wrist in place while still allowing you to move freely.


Flexibility is crucial if you are an athlete because it can help prevent injuries. For example, flexibility is essential if you work on your feet all day because it helps keep muscles from getting sore or strained. Likewise, flexibility is key if you're constantly moving and need to be able to stretch in different directions. And if you're in pain, the more flexible your body becomes, the less painful everyday tasks will be.


Comfort is an important factor to be considered when choosing waterproof tape. The tape must be comfortable and won't irritate the skin. The best waterproof tapes are those that feel like a second skin and can easily be worn under clothes without discomfort.

Hampton Adams Athletic Tape is the essential first-aid tool for athletes of all levels. Our Athletic Tape is available in multiple colors, widths, and lengths to meet every need - from everyday cuts and scrapes to sports injuries.

Color and look​

If you choose a color that matches your skin tone, it would be easier to hide the tape from others' eyes and thus protect it from being removed by them accidentally or intentionally. Therefore, choosing appropriate colors is necessary while buying waterproof tapes so that they can serve their purpose properly without causing any hassle to users or their surroundings.


It would help if you also considered the durability of waterproof tape.

The product should be able to last for a long time and resist the elements. You don't want to buy another one every few weeks or months because it has fallen apart after just one summer!

It is also essential to withstand pressure from your body and shoes so you do not have to worry about getting blisters or calluses on your feet when wearing these shoes.

The waterproof athletic tape by  Hampton Adams was designed with a unique adhesive that is strong enough to keep you in place but gentle on the skin. The hypoallergenic adhesive is excellent for all activities and safe for after-shower use.

When it comes to athletic tape, it's important to choose the right one. The best athletic tape will meet your needs and help you recover from any injury. We have compiled a list of factors to consider when choosing a waterproof tape. These include adhesive, breathability, elasticity, porosity, cushioning, flexibility, comfort, color, and durability.