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No Glue Residue

Do your skin a favor and make the switch. Our tape is made with a special formula allowing it to be extremely sticky, yet will leave no glue on your skin. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself.

No Scissors Needed

Tape should be easy to tear right? So why isn't it? Well, we've enough. Introducing our premium rolls. No scissors or tape cutters needed. Just peel, apply, pinch, tear and get to work.

36% More Tape per Roll

Get more bang for your buck. Rather than a 10-Yard roll, we provide 15-Yards per Roll. Adding up to multiple rolls more per purchase. 

Superior In Every Way

The tape all other tapes wish they were

3-Pack - Hampton Adams® - White Athletic Tape Rolls
  • Hypoallergenic

    No rash and no itch. FDA Approved ensuring it passes the safety test.

  • Sweat Resistant

    Special Formula ensures it performs even under the presence of sweat and perspiration.

  • Extra Strong Hold

    Extremely sticky, with a strong grip to ensure your able to focus on your workout not on your tape falling off.

  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We're so convinced that we're offering a 60-Day Money Guarantee to any of our customers who aren't happy. Our goal is to ensure you receive the highest quality at the best price.

No Rubber Additives

Our secret formula allows us to create a glue that requires no rubber additives yet adheres stronger than rubber.

USA Based

Based in the US and focused on quality we strive for excellence. Each of our products are hand packaged to ensure you receive the best money can buy.

Zinc Oxide Infused

Making this tape a truly viable option for professionals who use tons of tape to prevent injury. 

What Do Customers Think?

I'm such a huge fan of this tape. I've played baseball, lacrosse and hockey my entire life and burn through tape like crazy wrapping my hands and equipment. I also use it to wrap my fingers for playing over-the-line which is a lifesaver. After trying Hampton's tape I don't think I'll go back to anyone else. The stickiness is incredible and its super easy to rip because of the ridges on the edges. Its just overall such good quality. I highly recommend.

This is a great combination tape that all at once manages to stick to the skin really well, but come off really easily. I use it for fashion tape during shoots for outfits that don't allow for bras or that need to stay put in a certain place.

Perfect - exactly the kind of tape I was looking for - a little bit of the "clothy" feel and has a little bit of texture to it, not the shiny silky kind of medical tape. But also not really thick and bulky. you can rip it with your hands. I also like that this is somewhat wide and not a really narrow roll of tape.

Good tape. My Daughter- dancer tapes every day, and uses this alongside the more expensive brands. Just as good, she reports. Thanks for the good deal.

As a lacrosse coach, I have to buy/use a lot of tape. The boys I coach are always taking the tape I have regardless of the brand, but this tape has really stood the test of time/use. The boys are always saying how well the tape stays on their sticks, so they're enjoying it.