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January 03, 2023

Have you ever watched the Olympics or other competitive matches and wondered why the athletes have tape all over them? Well, you are not alone. Athletic tapes are growing more in popularity as a treatment to many athletic injuries.

These tapes are useful for all types of athletes, and especially bodybuilders. Bodybuilders engage in physical exercises and intense training to achieve the symmetrical body physique they desire. They need these tapes to improve their performance and keep their injuries in check. 

What Are Athletic Tapes?

Athletic tapes  are a variation of the original sports tapes called Kinesio tapes. Kinesio tapes were invented by a Japanese chiropractor named Dr. Kenzo Kase in the 1970s. The tape became famous during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Since then, over 100 brands of athletic tape have been entered the market.

Athletic tapes are used by athletes and non-athletes alike. If you walk into an orthopedic hospital, you will find patients wearing these tapes. Patients are given these tapes to prevent secondary injuries and treat chronic injuries. 

How Do Athletic Tapes Work?

Athletic tapes work by restricting the athlete's movement. These tapes are thick, making them suitable for tightly wrapping an area. As a result, blood and lymphatic fluids are restricted from circulating in that area. 

When these tapes restrict movement, the athlete can strike a balance between the upper and lower muscles. Therefore, athletes wearing these tapes can maintain their joints and muscles in a certain position. 

Since the athletic tapes do not stretch, they should only be used for a short time. Athletes should wear them before an activity and take them off immediately after completion. Using them for a short time ensures that they do not damage the affected area by compressing the muscles further when the person is not physically active. 

Should Bodybuilders Wear Athletic Tape?

Today, athletic tapes are worn by many individuals who engage in physical exercises. Bodybuilders are in this category and can benefit from wearing these athletic tapes. 

You could be wondering how bodybuilders benefit when they use athletic tapes. The biggest benefit is  preventing injuries during exercises. Since the tapes restrict movement, they help bodybuilders to prevent further injuries when exercising or lifting weights. 

Benefits of the Athletic Tape

Athletic tapes help bodybuilders treat injuries incurred during exercises. For instance, they treat inflammation and pain in the joints. Athletic tapes also enhance the body's performance during the routine resistance exercises done by bodybuilders. 

This restrains the bodybuilders' muscles to prevent them from bending awkwardly due to improper body posture. Lastly, athletic tapes support the body's weak points in the joints and muscles to enable the bodybuilders to move their fatigued muscles easily and without pain. 

What Is the Hype?

Today, many people understand the importance of athletic tapes. Tapes stabilize joints and help treat injuries. Therefore, many people use these tapes when injured during workouts or other physical exercises. 

When Dr. Kenzo invented these tapes, he sought to increase the efficacy of manual therapy to yield lasting results. He was concerned that manual therapy was effective in treating some ailments but was only temporary. Therefore, he invented the tapes to make manual therapy long-lasting. 

As with any popular invention, the athletic tapes were rapidly adopted in the non-athletics field. Additionally, these tapes have proved to be highly effective in treating many ailments. As a result, they have become popular across the world. This hype has made them a household name even in the workout and fitness sectors. 

A Word of Caution

Not all athletic or  Kinesiology sports tapes can be used by bodybuilders. Therefore, you need to know which tape works for you. If you are a bodybuilder, you can consult a physiotherapist for recommendations on the best athletic tapes. 

Physiotherapists are trained on various body and joint health issues. They know which tape best fits every person, depending on the use. If you follow their recommendation, you will enjoy the benefits of using the tapes and avoid the dangers of using them incorrectly. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are a bodybuilder, you need to wear athletic tapes when exercising to improve your performance and treat injuries. This tape will restrict movement and allow the body to recover from injury or fatigue after a long exercise. However, you should seek the advice of a physiotherapist first to ensure you use the right tapes in the right way.